This space is kindof a clearinghouse for fun projects that I've done here and there, and managed to get pictures of. . . I'm notoriously bad at taking the time and effort to get good photos, so most are substandard, but you'll get the idea : )


Made this stuff during my tenure at the Toluca Lake Trader Joe's:

This coffee cup and shark were made during my 'lath and plaster' phase. . . I had that back room a mess for weeks! Also made the toothbrush (it's wood) and the stuff spilling out of the cup is raffia. . . and YES!! I realize Jaw's eyes are WAAAYY too high up on his head. . . we had no internet connection for reference, and I was in a hurry. The lil' plaster lumps that I stuck on dried in position before i realized that they were too high. . . oh well, shit happens. . . the overall effect was still good. . . little kids loved that thing!


It was then decided that the exterior of the store needed some gussying up. . . so, after a stroll around the rather upscale surrounding neighborhood, I proposed a tile mosaic. Classier than the campy tropical murals at other stores, and fit in nicely with the mediterranean/moorish theme of the homes in the area. . . and grafitti and weather-proof! And the neighborhood council and city hall loved it.


"in progress" detail. . . had to make this in pieces in the back room. Breaking up the tile was fun!

The whole thing, installed. . .at night. . . I TOLD you I was a crummy photographer!


Now, just so you don't think I'm above the aforementioned "campy tropical murals", this went up around the entrance/exit. . .

Yep, those torches actually light up. And yes, I built and wired them myself.

AWFUL flourescent lighting! Ick! These later got trimmed out with bamboo. . .


Chalk--goes above the walermelon bin when they're in season. Meant to be read with the same cadence as Tarzan's "aaaaa AA uuuu uh UUUHHH"


We got this new produce fixture with pull-out drawers. . . but no sides! So they apples were falling all over the place, including BEHIND the drawers, which then prevented them from being closed. . . (and I'll bet that idiot designer makes six figures a year. . . )

And management figured out that I was good with tools. . . (o.k., I may have volunteered that information. . . !) so I built these plexiglass divider thingies that did the trick. And looked nice, to boot.