RaBiDesigns is capable of handling almost every need. . .
just ask!
If it's not something that we've done,
we can quickly assess if it's beyond our abilities,
or will not be cost effective
. . .
so far, we haven't failed yet!
(well, except for that one wedding dress when the client
thought she could make changes--for free--after her garment was ordered and begun. . .
my fault for not being clear--the process has been perfected since then! and she was
refunded in full )

. . .

We've costumed several plays, dressed drag queens, made stage clothes for musicians,
one-off projects for photo shoots, Halloween costumes,
and custom ethnic and dance wear for adults and children. . .
(photos coming soon. . . been too busy making the stuff to work on the website!)


Keep checking back for photos--and feel free to drop us an


about your special project! In the meantime, browse our swatches
to get your creativity flowing! We create specialized, up-to-date swatch lists
of appropriate fabrics once we receive your inquiry, but it'll help us a
lot if you browse first, and give us a general idea of what you're looking for. . .