A little explanation on how things work:
of our clothing is custom made to order. Supply your measurements, and we'll do the rest. Detailed measurement instuctions will be given for your specific garment. Since each item is one of a kind, there are NO RETURNS unless there is a defect. We cannot be responsible for errors in measuring. To avoid liability on your part, you are invited to come to the atelier in person to be measured--if it's feasible. . . it saves a trip to do it yourself, and makes it possible to serve those that aren't in the greater Los Angeles area. . . Final-fitting corrections are free of charge, however. . . Remember: measure twice, cut once! Most styles have several options available, which are listed, along with their additional cost. Fabric swatches are in lettered groups, and available fabrics are listed by group letter. Swatches will open in a seperate window, so you can view them while you browse. . .these change often, so check back! We also take suggestions on things you'd like to see, so feel free to email us--and we do alterations and reconstructions. If you have a treasured garment that needs repair, revamping, or updating, drop us a line. We can probably help.