Unconventional Bridal


It's your special day. . . you want to look like a princess. . .

or. . . not so much!


Have your own idea of what a wedding 'should' be? Have a new backpiece tattoo
to show off? Don't feel like wearing shoes? Getting married outdoors,
and the standard David's Bridal princess-y dress just isn't you?

Know what you want, but can't find it?

I'd love to be part of your solution. . .

we'll work with you from conception, to sketch, to swatch selection, to muslin, to final fitting.
and we LOVE doing simple, elaborate, traditional, or not--it's YOUR day. YOU decide!
what we enjoy is the process, getting to know you, and making you happy!


gettin' hitched in Vegas? go 50's rat pack!



wanna borrow from the wedding traditions of another culture? viva la melting pot!
Indian cholis are lovely. . .


how 'bout a white or dip-dyed silk wedding kimono?
don't have a picture yet, but it's gonna look amazing!!!

outdoor wedding in a hot climate? go cotton batiste! it's sweet, and appropriate.


us, and let's get started!