Long story short, I have been a professional tattooer all of my adult life--all of it in shops in the greater Los Angeles area. . .I began tattooing professionally in 1989 at Easyriders on Melrose (it's sadly no longer in existence, but the magazine still is. . . ) while I was still in High School. I then moved on to get my B.A. in Fine Art from Cal Poly Pomona, and moved to In the Skin Tattoo in Pasadena. . . After college, I found myself at Purple Panther Tattoo on Sunset Blvd. I was there for almost 10 years. I then called PURE tattoo on Fairfax my home until it's demise in April of 2009. When that ceased to exist, I put out my shingle at my very own shop, Immaculate Conception Tattoo, which I share with the bulk of my former coworkers from PURE. I'm there four days a week, and on Fridays and Saturdays, I can be found at All American Tattoo in Fullerton, which is owned by a long-time friend, and convenient to all of the clients I've managed to pick up in the Long Beach and Inland Empire areas. . .I'm blessed to be able to remain busy enough to fill up 6 days a week! On that note. . . it shouldn't matter who you know, where you've been, or how cool somebody else thinks you are, so I'm not going to go into any more detail than that. My work speaks for itself, and EVERY client is of value to me. Everyone deserves the best service and end product humanly possible. I will do my best to do that for you if you decide to work with me. I'm a professional in every sense of the word.


As you can see, if you've poked around other areas of the website, I also design clothing, theatrical costumes, wedding gowns, movie props, murals, sculpture, toolboxes, mosaics, and anything else made of fabric, clay, wood, plastic, bondo, yarn, etc. Once I learn to weld, I'll deal with metal, too! And I can knit like a motherf*cker! I'm always down to work on interesting projects with interesting people, if time permits, and I've got the tools. I've painted murals for Trader Joe's part time for five years, did the same for a production for the L.A. Shakespeare Theatre, made props and art directed for several commercials and independent short films, blah blah blah! Love to take on new things that might teach me something, or bring me into contact with other people that can broaden my horizons culturally, professionally, and any other possible way.


I'm also an AAGLA certified property manager, a card-carrying mensa member, hold a certificate from Pasadena City College in Graphic Design, a valid motorcycle license, my Red Cross Blood-Borne Pathogens certificate (as required for all tattooers in L.A. county), am a long-time member in good standing of the National Tattoo Association, a LACMA member, and am listed with the Department of Justice as a responsible firearm owner. And I can cook, wear a size 6 shoe, and my favorite color is red. If you want to know any more, you really need to get out of the house more! : )